Sunday, 12 April 2015


Hello everybody Happy Spring! Today I am going to be doing OOTM= Outfit Of The Month. I got this idea from AGDTime Blog's very famous OOTW!  There isn't really a theme but if you notice the dolls are wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Lets get started!!!

Today we have Izzy and Chrissa. Lets start with Chrissa!

 Chrissa's hair is in a pony tail with a pink bow (not shown)
Her shirt is the create your own t-shirt, it says "Beach Girl"
Her shorts are from the retired camping outfit? I don't really know the name. ( if you know let me know)
Last her shoes are from Saige's sweater outfit.
Next is Izzy:
Her hair is in two small braids and is wearing the sweater and skirt outfit headband. Her glasses are the raspberry ones.
Her shirt is from the Happy Birthday outfit.
Her shorts are from the Easy Breezy Outfit.
Lastly her flip flops are from the sunny isle outfit.
I also did a small photo shoot so here it is!


Thanks for reading! Do you like OOTM?

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Hello everybody Happy Easter! I got this idea from Hannah from AGDTime blog so thanks. Here is the what my dolls are wearing video Easyer edition! Enjoy!

Sunday, 22 March 2015

AGunicorns Clothing Solution Solution post 1

Hi everybody I hope everyone enjoyed their March break! I am going to be starting something called "AGunicorns Clothing Solution" This is where I take an AG clothing item that is hard to match up with and give you ideas! So hope you enjoy it!
Our problem is going to be Isabelle's practice top! I picked this because most people did not like this when it was first released. So I gave it a chance and bought it. It is definitely not one of my most used clothing items but I am glad I got it. For those people who did buy it and it just sits in your AG closet this is the post for you!

Outfit # 1
Dressy kind of look
Skirt~ Happy Birthday Outfit *Still selling
Shoes~ Pet show outfit *Retired
accessories~ AG purple watch *Still selling
Bow from the dollar store comes in packs of 3 *still selling
Outfit #2
Another dressy approach
Sweater~ Saige's painting Outfit *Retired
Skirt~ MAG Skirt * Still selling
Shoes~ Isabelle's Metallic dress * Retired
Bow~ Dollar store
Outfit # 3
This outfit is supposed to go together but people said it didn't have much potential so I thought I would try it out anyway
Dance look
Skirt~ Isabelle's tutu *Retired
Shoes~ The 2014 Holiday exclusive dress * Retired
Ribbon in hair unknown
Outfit #4
Sporty look
Jacket~ 2-1 Track and Field Outfit not sure if this is retired
Bottoms~ Hit the slopes outfit *Still selling
shoes~ Striped sneakers think they are retired
Thanks for reading! If you have an AG item or whole outfit that you don't know what to do with leave a comment below and it could be featured in the next clothing situation post! See you next time! Bye

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Birthday Haul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello everybody I am finally doing the requested birthday haul! Most of the things are not AG related so if you don't want that then totally skip this post! I am so, so thankful for all the gifts! I did have a birthday party with 11 people so I did get more thoughtful gifts than normal (not to brag). Lets get started!!!!!!!!!!!!

 (cover photo) ;)


 From my dad
-Minion hat
-Ivivva Giftcard
-I-pad mini keyboard case

From Mom
-Wonderland shirt from Gap (reminded me of Taylor Swift)
-Aero Giftcard
From Bailey (my cat)
-iTunes Giftcard

From my friend Toren
-The seven year pen, with unicorns on it!!!!!!!!!!!
-awesome case thingy
-indigo Giftcard

From my cousins and Aunt and Uncle
- Zentangles elephant shirt from Justice
-really soft lavender sweater from Urban Kids
- colourful scrunchi and monkey socks from Garage
-headband and minion bracelets from Claire's
Birthday party presents: From Jenny
- Foil art thing
-really soft polar bear
-Indigo giftcard
 From Jocelyn
- locking journal
-smelly pencil
-Justice Giftcard
From Melody
- 5x5 Rubiks cube
 From Emma
- Green is my lucky colour shirt from Justice
-Sparkle dust perfume
-The wizard of Oz stuffys
 From Amel
-create your own bath bombs
-Easter bunny
-Ardene Giftcard
 From Shanza
-Old Navy bag
 From Diya
-she made a homemade book
-lots of body wash
-Taylor Swift perfume
 From Yukta
-engraving art
-rebelle Nerf gun
shirt from Mexx
_colourful wallet
 From Dana
- Justice Giftcard
From Larissa
- AG book
-clothing from Spring field
 Hannah from AGDTimeblog and I did a birthday gift exchange she got me:
-love pillow
- pack of doll sized books
-Unicorn shirt
We also have matching shirts! This is hers!
Thanks for reading and I will talk to you later! I hope you enjoyed! Bye